4 October 2015



'Don't try to change the world, find something you love and do it everyday, do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world will change' - Macklemore


It's funny how a year passes by, and more times than not, people look back and resentfully decide that the year wasn't good enough. They convince themselves that next year they will strive to do better, achieve more and ultimately be more successful.

Hitting 20 this year, I took a step back and reassessed my life. I often find that I'm comparing myself to more adventurous, successful people. Living in a world where people become overnight sensations, it is hard take into consideration the hard yards that each person has contributed to their lives, or circumstances that they've faced. We tend to look at an individuals current standing status. Looking at Chris Pratt, we automatically think of Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurrasic World, but we forget that his life consists of so much more. We forget the journey that it took him to get where he is today. The fact that he spent some time homeless, living out of a van and a tent.

When we look at individuals who have made it 'big', we tend to take the small things for granted in our lives. We believe that we're entitled to full stomachs, clean water and an education, however in comparison to many other people, we're living the dream. We can get a free education in Australia, without having to face what Malala Yousafzai did. She has spent years advocating for something that we take granted in Australia. Making it 'big' is subjective and to be honest, sometimes it's not all about having more or big scaled success. Striving for more is a great attribute to have, and it's a great mentality, but more times than not, we do forget to stop and reflect on how far we've come. Maybe we've done something small to help someone else, or maybe we're just doing something that we love. As Macklemore said, 'don't try to change the world, find something you love and do it everyday, do that for the rest of your life and eventually the world will change'. 

So, looking back at the past 20 years, well maybe last five, I'm forever grateful for the people I've met and all the opportunities that I've had that has allowed me to grow as a person. I know that my life is more than just Netflix and brunch, but instead, I have accomplishments that I can be proud of. Flowers do not blossom overnight. Getting to where we want to be takes time, effort, hard work and determination. So heads up to you and my future self, on your journey to success, don't forget to stop, look back, reflect and not regret the journey that has brought you to where you are now.

 However, let's be real, everything is easier said than done.

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