24 August 2015




Brunch has recently been a massive part of my life (by recently, I mean for the past year). I've found that most of my money goes towards brunch, but then again what is better than good food and a way to catch up with friends? So... That's why I've decided to make a segment on my blog about my monthly adventures to different brunch hot spots, as well as weekly brunch updates on my instagram - @twowardrobes.

Here we go, from top to bottom:

320 Ascot Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds, Victoria

Over the weekend, I drove down to Moonee Ponds to try out the much talked about Ascot Food Store. I had seen many photos online about the 62 degree eggs on Brioche soldiers with pickled truffle and the donuts, so I knew I had to check this place out. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the donuts, but I did manage to try the eggs. Boy, were they good. They took me by surprise. It was so different to other brunch places and seriously tasted so good. I definitely recommend checking this place out, it was worth the 30 minute drive.

420 Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria

Breakfast thieves is this quaint little cafe in Fitzroy, tucked away in Gore Street - directly behind Brunswick Street. I had the Spanish Gypsy Dance, which was Spanish morcilla (black pudding) served with crisp rosemary & Parmesan polenta bars, cherry tomatoes, pickles, basil oil and poached eggs. Before this meal, I never really had a stomach for black pudding - the whole concept put me off trying it. However, after having a quick chat to the waitress, she convinced me to try the Spanish Gypsy Dance. The pickles and basil oil really complemented the black pudding so it didn't taste as rich. 

8 Raffa Place, Carlton, Victoria 

I was recommended the Vertue of the coffee drink by one of my high school friends, and I'm so glad that I got to try it out. The two photos that are from this place are the 'chickpea chips' with charred asparagus, preserved cherry tomato & basil salad, shaved parmesan & poached eggs and the 'tea smoked salmon' with cauliflower puree, polenta crumbed eggs, green apple and truffle oil. The smoked salmon was a great dish to bring winter to an end. It was light, refreshing and jam packed of flavour.

Monash University, Clayton, Victoria

 I had the buttermilk pancakes with crème fraîche and pickled rhubarb. Unfortunately, this wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The buttermilk pancakes weren't as fluffy as I expected, but instead they were more crunchy than anything else. However, the combination of rhubarb and crème fraîche was on point. But then again, I'll definitely be back at this cafe, as it's pretty much the only one down at Monash University that sells a sit-down breakfast menu.

60 Commercial Road, Prahran, Victoria

I went to Tall Timber at the beginning of this month, and I seriously enjoyed it. The only downside was that one of my poached eggs was bit over cooked - so it wasn't as runny as I expected it to be, but the flavours are all there. Tall Timber had a menu full of healthy, fresh produce. At the front - I had the pumpkin bruschetta. I love pumpkin and it's not easily found in a brunch place, so that's what attracted me to it. It came with hummus, feta, poached eggs, pinenuts and papita crumble and I topped it off with a side of bacon. The feta gave the dish an extra kick and that's what made me enjoy it so much. Out of all the brunch places I tried this month, I definitely want to try the other dishes from Tall Timber.  This is probably due to the presentation of all the food there - it's so colourful, and the serving portions are generous!

I hope you all enjoyed this little spiel on the brunch places that I've managed to try this month. Hopefully it's gotten your taste-buds watering and that you go and check some of these places out! x

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