28 June 2015




Welcome to the holidays! I'm hoping to jam pack my holidays with adventures and new experiences, so I waste no time. One thing I'm doing this winter is trying to layer different pieces of clothing together to keep myself warm when I'm outside. Here, I've contrasted my boyfriend jeans, which are casual and laid back, with heeled boots and a more sophisticated top, just to bring together the look. When I first bought these jeans, I found it hard to style them without looking like I just woke up. But, after some attempts of trial and error, I've found that pairing boyfriend jeans with a more refined top, instead of just a t-shirt makes it look like more effort went into the outfit.

However, on another note, I'm heading out of Australia in a couple weeks, and can't wait to update you guys later. You can follow my travels on Instagram, by following @twowardrobes

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